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            Introduction to installation specification of current transformer
            1 the installation of the current transformer must be firm. The exposed metal part of the transformer shell should be reliably connected.

            2 The same set of current transformers should be installed in the same direction to ensure that the primary and secondary circuit currents of the current transformers are in the same direction and the nameplate can be easily observed.

            3. The secondary side of the current transformer is not allowed to open circuit. When only one secondary circuit is used for the secondary double-turn transformer, the other secondary circuit should be reliably short-connected.

            4 the low voltage current transformer can not be grounded on the two side. Because the conductors, watt-hour meters and transformers used in low-voltage metering devices have the same insulation level, the highest voltage they can withstand is basically the same; in addition, after the secondary windings are grounded, the insulation level of the primary circuit of the whole set of devices to the ground is reduced, which makes the watt-hour meters or transformers with insulation weaknesses easy to be damaged under high voltage (such as induced lightning strikes). Bad. It is better to reduce the damage caused by lightning damage to two sides.
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